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2018 / 15 April

12 Ways to make your Facebook ads better

12 Ways to make your Facebook ads better

 Facebook is a great platform to advertise your product/service. Sadly, a lot of people struggle to make them work. Poorly optimized ads can result in poor conversion rate, poor engagement, and not enough audience interest

Hence, a lot of people prefer Google Adwords to Facebook. But, what if you’re a small company who can’t afford to spend a lot on Adwords. In this case, Facebook ads are a cheaper alternative.

What I love about Facebook ads is the ability to specifically target people’s interests. That coupled with an easy to use campaign manager should make Facebook an obvious choice for many brands.

But many companies are struggling to get their Facebook ads running successfully in a way that brings in more customers, subscribers and fans.

Well, you can relax now.

I’ve run a lot of Facebook ads over the years, and I’m going to show you 12 ways you can make your Facebook ads better.

Let’s get started.

1. Feature customer testimonials

Showcasing customer testimonials are a great way to drive your future customers to take action. By having video or written testimonials of genuine customers in your advertisements, you appear more authentic.

Take for example this ad from “The Betty Rocker” showing a powerful testimonial highlighting the benefits of the diet and fitness system the company has to offer.

Betty Rocker ad

instead of using plain old generic ads with offers, you can use testimonial ads which pinpoint the exact benefits of your product/service.

This technique works because it helps in addressing some concerns your prospect customers might have regarding your company.

Be as transparent as possible with your product/service.

This is a perfect way to engage interested readers while appearing authentic.

2. Use the power of free without giving your product away

Our human psyche always has us on the lookout for freebies. By using the word “free” in your advertising you’re drawing in more people towards your product or service without actually giving away anything for free.

You could use phrases like “Free Trial” or “Free credit”. People usually love free stuff and by capitalizing on this psychology, you can create effective advertisements.

Look at this example from Digital Ocean:

Digital Ocean ad

This can also be a powerful lead generation technique. You can ask people to sign up for a “free E-book” or “Free crash course.” Just make sure you offer something of value to readers that they would actually want.

Free Ebook

3. A/B Testing

A/B testing is a powerful yet under used technique when it comes to Facebook ads. A/B testing allows you to test different variations of your advertisements to see which one performs differently.

There are numerous combinations and permutations you can test before you find the perfect match.

For example, you can test the same ad text and image, but different demographics or different run times. You can also test different feature images to see which one performs best.

You can then use this data to find the best performing ads that drive the correct traffic to take action.

You can run these advertisements simultaneously, but remember to keep track of your metrics and make sure you’re testing similar variations of your ads. Don’t be too vague in A/B testing

For example, testing different images for different demographics is a good idea, but testing different images for different demographics and running each of those variations at different times can be too overwhelming.

This could also produce inaccurate results.

4. Schedule your ads when your target audience is likely to be online

Facebook’s default ad settings runs your ads for 24 hours a day. This may seem like a good idea at first, but it could result in a lot of wasted money. This is because your target audience is unlikely to be online for all 24 hours unless you’re targeting a global audience.

You want to set your ads to run when your target audience is expected to be online. So, how do you identify the best time to run your ads.

Use the breakdown ad data.

In the Facebook ads manager, click on breakdown ad data and select “Time of Day.”

Facebook breakdown ad data

Now you will be able to see the cost per click, impressions, and results for different time periods. This will allow you to select the most appropriate window to run your ads.

Facebook breakdown ad data 2

Run your advertisements at the right time to save a lot of money and make your Facebook ads better.

5. Compel action using urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in your ads will cause your readers to take action. Using a phrase like “Limited offer” puts an expiration date on the offer.

By indicating the offer will expire, you’re driving your readers to take action immediately. Saying “buy now” isn’t a form of urgency.

Look at this ad from watch junction offering 60% discount until midnight.

Watch junction ad

Offering a clear deadline is a sure-fire way to drive conversions from your Facebook ads.

6. Use images with faces

One of the best ways to draw people towards your advertisements is to show images with people and faces. People love to look and see faces, so use it in your ad copy.

Ad image with face 1

In fact, this technique is so powerful that it’s one of the few recommendations from Facebook on how to make your ads better on their platform.

Ad image with face 2
7. Have a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) in every ad

Just telling your customers about your offer isn’t enough, you must tell them what to do. Use effective CTAs that convert. Some examples of CTAs are:

  • Sign up now
  • Download now
  • Click here for 10% off
  • Buy now
  • Get it now

These call-to-action should be used in every ad to increase your conversion rate.

While you can include a call-to-action in the button text itself, it’s good practice to include it in the phrases when you explain your offer.

Below are a few great examples of brands that use CTAs in their ad copy.

Ad with Call to action textAd with Call to action text 2

Now that you know the effectiveness of a good CTA, start using in your next ad copy.

8. Clarify your offer

Your offer may be clear to you, but remember it’s not about you. It’s about your customers. Your ad copy needs to be clear to your target audience.

To achieve this, you need to specify what your offer is all about and how your customers can benefit form this offer.

Don’t ramble.

Make it specific and to the point. Your advertisement needs to be so clear that even strangers who have never heard about your business should be able to understand your ad.

This ad from Walkabout Scotland precisely explains the offer. It includes a date, number of people who should sign up, and what the hike is all about.

Ad offer clarity

If your ads aren’t performing as expected, then consider making your offer even more specific.

Try to be as clear and transparent as possible.

9. Target intersecting interests

Facebook ads gives you a great opportunity to target people with multiple interests.

Take advantage of this by creating audiences with complimentary interests.

Take your main audience and identify two or more interests of your target audience. Their interests can be unrelated.

Take this ad from Dr. Pepper as an example.

Dr. Pepper ad

In the above ad, the main target audience are college students. Dr. Pepper targeted college students based on two separate interests – college sports and soft drinks.

Spend time to identify your audience’s complimentary interests and target those interests.

10. Speak your target audience’s language

While you may think it’s a good idea to use technical and business savvy language to drive visitors to your site, this won’t work for every niche.

It would be a better idea to speak you target audience’s language i.e. use words your target customers would be using.

Following this in your ad copy will improve the clarity of your offer. Customers won’t understand your ad if they don’t understand your language.

You only have a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention while they scroll their Facebook feed. Hence, you need to use these few seconds in the best way possible by speaking their language.

11. Make it personal

To make your ads appeal directly to your readers, you can use words like “you” and “I”. This feels like you’re having a direct conversation with your readers, and can have a huge impact in the performance of your advertisements.

By writing directly to your consumer, they will feel like the ad was written specifically for them.

personalized ads

Make your ads as personal as possible to improve ad performance.

12. Test carousel ads

Carousel ads consists of more than one image within your ad copy. These ads add a fresh new look to your ad.

Shutterstock used carousel ads to show their collaboration with Adobe Photoshop. Here is how the ad looked:

Creative carousel ad 1Creative carousel ads 2


If you still aren’t seeing a huge difference with your Facebook ads, then please don’t lose hope. Remember, just like anything in life, becoming a successful brand on social media will take time.

Just remain consistent, keep optimizing your ads for conversions and you will start killing it on social media soon.










Sunil Joseph is a digital marketing professional who is passionate about digital marketing. He has 1 year experience in SEO, SEM, SMM, and content writing. Sunil is experienced in creating quality digital marketing solutions for enterprises and has a reputation of exceeding his client’s expectations. He is here to take the digital marketing world by storm.